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Top 10 Ways the Clothing Donation Program Helps NKFF

  1. Increases awareness of the NKFFL and their mission.
  2. Spreads the word about Kidney disease. More people die from kidney disease than breast cancer or prostate cancer each year.
  3. Provides valuable funding (totaling more than $2.5 million over 30 years).
  4. Creates an avenue to reach donors and gain new donors.
  5. Provides alternative to cash donations so anyone can help.
  6. Outsourcing to a specialist allows NKFFL to focus on their core mission and patients.
  7. Provides income with no risk, management or expense.
  8. Marketing of the program with no expense to NKFFL.
  9. The entire process benefits the local community.
  10. NKFFL receives benefit of partnering with 40 years of industry experience.

Be Careful Where You Donate Your Items!

Not all donation drop boxes work with charities. Fox News reports on one such company.

Receive Our Clothing Donation Program Mailer?

NKFPickup Mailer

If so, we'll be in your neighborhood on the date specified on the mailer in RED to pick up your clothing donations. Have your clothing donation items ready! If you have more questions...

NKF Pickup Program

Clothing Donation Program

Clean out your closet and help in the fight against kidney disease by participating in the Clothing Donation Program! The National Kidney Foundation is a major voluntary health organization and a registered 501© 3 organization.  To help raise funds and increase awareness over the past 32 years, the NKFFL has outsourced a clothing and household donation program.  The program assists in supporting valuable patient services that help people and families living with kidney disease in the state of Florida.

What Can I Donate?

What Can I Donate?

We especially need clothing donations, but we also accept many small household item donations. Here's a list of items you can and cannot donate to the Clothing Donation Program.

Need a Tax Receipt for your donation?

Need a Tax Receipt?

Did you know that your clothing donation gives you a tax deduction? Just like with any other charitable donation, you'll need a tax receipt to be able to deduct the value of your clothing donation from your taxes. If you recently made a clothing donation, we can send you a tax receipt.

Need a Tax Receipt for your donation?

Host a Clothing Donation Drive!

Great for groups or students seeking school community service hours to benefit a charitable organization.